🌎Future Goals

Open AI future development will mainly focus on Ai artificial intelligence and VR virtual reality technology to create a one-stop cryptocurrency VR world platform with investors as the center

Open AI Web3.0 cryptocurrency VR world platform uses Open AI tokens as incentive currency and circulation settlement means, introduces PGC, UGC, developers, provides information, community, live streaming, information and other services, creates Web3.0 network system, attracts users, retains users, and serves for consumption scenarios.

An open and transparent price system design for content supplementation, interactive supplementation, and service consumption is carried out in these processes, and all incentives are settled in the form of Open AI tokens.

Users. Reading, rating, sharing, and reporting the content of each application tool is recorded by the system, which defines the value of these actions based on the number of Open AI earned.

Open AI is also paid when accessing the community's apps and when purchasing community items; Open AI will be deducted when users post SPAM messages and violate community rules.

Build a virtual reality cryptocurrency VR time where you can put on VR glasses and actually enter the crypto world, where you can see floating BTC, walking ETH and BNB cookies. All items as well as clothing and props in this world are expressed in the form of cryptocurrency

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