🏠Open AI Community


Open AI community is a joint formation of Ai artificial intelligence, VR enthusiasts and ardent fans of cryptocurrencies. The occupation in the team is divided into: technology, painter, design, operation, maintenance several positions, among the Open AI team is mainly created by the famous blockchain experts in the United States and the head of Hong Kong investment institutions, combining the most controversial Ai artificial intelligence and virtual reality at the moment to create an AI VR virtual reality integrated digital crypto platform

Node Community

Open AI does not have a central node or a hierarchical management structure, but a bottom-up network of nodes that interact, compete and collaborate to achieve organizational goals.

Therefore, the business transactions between nodes and nodes and between nodes and organizations in Open AI Instead of being determined by administrative affiliation, they follow the principles of equality, voluntariness, reciprocity and mutual benefit, and are driven by each other's resource endowment, complementary advantages and win-win benefits.

Each organizational node will collaborate effectively under the incentive mechanism of the pass-through based on its own resource advantages and talent qualifications. Each node will collaborate effectively based on its own resource advantages and talent qualifications

and with the incentive mechanism of pass-through certificates, resulting in a powerful synergy effect.

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